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August 30, 2021

In order to do SEO actions properly, we must need the help of tools to get rank well on search engines. That’s why we present you with the best SEO tools! With these 8 tools, you can research and analyze the main keywords that bring traffic to your website or to your competitors, the links they receive, how to optimize Snippets, help to find the topic that most visits will report and control. From inside everything that happens on your website. And not only that, many more functions. Discover the 8 best SEO tools!


SemRush is one of the most useful tools that currently exist. Among its many features, the domain analysis shows traffic, keywords, links, and both organic and paid competitors.

Other of its most interesting functions are the domain vs domain, in which to compare the keywords of 5 domains, or the Keyword Difficulty Tool, to know the difficulty of positioning the chosen keywords.

With the free version, you can only see the first 10 results, even so, the data that the tool shows us are very important and is worth it.


The data obtained from an own website help to make decisions about the actions to follow in the future, the perfect tool to obtain this data is Google Analytics. Its analytical data allow us to know, among its hundreds of functions, the traffic of the web, the channels of origin of this traffic, audience behavior, the traffic that turns into sales or achievement of objectives, etc.

In addition, it allows you to connect it with other interesting Google tools such as Google Search Console or Google Adwords. And if that were not enough, its functionality in Real-Time allows you to know, live, what actions users perform on the web.

With the segments, filters, and customized reports, you can obtain practically any information related to the quantitative data of the web analyzed.


As with Google Analytics, the amount of functions we have in the tool that seems to be a lie is so great. Google Search Console is the control center of our website, its numerous functions allow you to analyze information of great interest as well as the search traffic of keywords as well as to know the current status of the site.

Other very famous functions are the possibility of reporting the URLs that are negative so that Google does not relate them to the web, and to know the tracking errors in order to solve them.

In the technical section, you can add or test a new Sitemaps or check that the current robots.txt works correctly.


In the SEO audit section, Screaming Frog is the king. Its free version is reduced to the analysis of 500 URLs, but they are more than enough for websites of few pages.

By just placing the domain you want to analyze, the spiders get to work and offer information about URLs, Goals, images, and H1. All with the aim of publicizing the improvements that can be implemented on the web.

A functionality that few know is the generator of Sitemaps of XML files or images. With the possibility of choosing the data that best suits the web so that the published content is quickly indexed.


Unlike its big competitors like Ahrefs or Open Site Explorer, Majestic SEO offers a free version with fewer restrictions of use. This powerful free SEO tool specializes in backlinks.

Its use is very simple, by entering the domain or URL we obtain the backlinks that it receives, of what domains, and the quality of the links. These are the basic aspects, if you analyze in-depth you can know which ones are new, those that have been lost, and even the anchor text they have.

Due to the importance of natural links in recent months, it is worth checking which backlinks point to our website and decide if they are suitable for the strategy that is being followed.


We return to the portfolio of Google tools to present one of the best known. Google Trends allows you to know in real-time current trends for any country, city, or region, in addition to being able to compare between 5 terms what is most searched and the search chart in the selected period.

Another very interesting function is to know the related queries and the tab that shows those that are booming, which facilitates the planning of a future strategy for the content of a web.

Its latest functionality is the trend indicator on YouTube. The second most used search engine in the world is the perfect showcase to show your content in video format, and there is no better way than knowing in advance what consumers are looking for.


Knowing what the competition does is almost as important as carrying out our own web actions. BuiltWith is a tool that spies on the technical part of a web.

Among the data offered is the server, the CMS (if developed through it), analytics or advertising programs that use, plugins, widgets, etc.

Simply enter the URL you want to analyze and all the data obtained is displayed.


The Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool is a simulator of a search result. It is divided into three sections: Title, Description, and URL. In its corresponding boxes, the text that we want to introduce in the SERP is placed and it indicates if they are correct or, on the contrary, they exceed the limits of Google.

To make it more realistic you can simulate the appearance of the Google SERP and add additional information such as the Rich Snippets, the page rating, or the date of publication.

Obviously, the Premium versions of the programs offer complete data that can facilitate the development of a good SEO positioning, but these are the best 8 free Best SEO tools. And its results are amazing!

If you want to buy tools like ahrefs, Semrush, Majestic SEO, and many more. We are providing group buy SEO tools at a cheap price.

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