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August 12, 2021

Nowadays, the use of Seo has increased as compared to the Past and it has become more complex. People use Seo on daily basis for keyword research, to research the competitor’s keywords, keyword ranking, link building, and onsite optimization, etc. The demand of Seo tools is at its peak because it is useful in Seo related work.

The Seo tools are there in the form of Google Extension, website, desktop software, or mobile application. Many of the Seo tools are for free but the services will be limited. The Seo Tools that will be discussed in this article are one of the best ones, and we’ll discuss some of the most important features of that particular tool.

Keyword Research Seo Tools

Keyword Research Seo Tools helps the user to find the main Seo Keywords for optimizing the website so that they can produce more organic traffic. These Seo keywords are also helpful in advertising campaigns. Some of the most famous Seo tools for keyword research are as follows:

Google planner, Bing Keyword Tool, and are free SEO tools that can be used to find the keywords. Wordstream, kwfinder, longailpro, and keyword tools are paid tools that will give a detailed list of keywords.

Seo Tools to Optimize Status of the website

If you want to optimize your website, then the tools mentioned below are perfect for you as they will help you to track the status of your website and will help to make the changes for better optimization. These tools will only provide you the suggestions of the changes you should make on your website depending upon the common reasons. All editing departments will be still owned by you. The most famous tools to Optimize the Status of the website are as follows:

If you don’t want to spend your money because your site is just a basic one, then Siteliner and Seorch are the perfect tools for you. Screaming Frog SEO spider is the perfect tool if your website is an advanced one and if you want advanced features to track your website.

Seo Tools for Analyzing Backlinks

 These Seo tools can help you to research the new backlinks for your website, as well as the competitor backlinks too. It will track your website’s performance and will check that how many other web pages are linked to the website. The free Seo tools for analyzing backlinks will give you just the basic information regarding backlinks, if you want the advanced information then you must upgrade the tool. The best SEO tools are as follows:

Among these tools, the user prefers the Ahrefs tool the most as it is the perfect tool that will provide you the advanced reports that are easily understandable.

Keyword Ranking

For the Seo website, tracking the keyword ranking is the most important task a user has to do. For this, there are several tools that will help you to rank the keywords as per your location. An automatic notification will also pop up if the rankings are changed etc. The most famous Seo tools for Keyword Ranking are as follows:

For the basic features, Seo Serps is an amazing tool. If you want to rank more keywords and looking for a detailed report, then Rank Tracker and Seo Powersuite are the best Seo tools for you. If you want both desktop and mobile versions in your SEO tool, then Pro Rank tracker and Rank Ranger are the tools you must get.


In this article, we discussed the different Seo Tools used for different purposes. Using Seo tools is very important for Seo’s purpose if you want to increase your website’s organic traffic.

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