The 11 most important marketing skills you need to know to succeed in 2021

The 11 most important marketing skills you need to know to succeed in 2021

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July 30, 2021

As a marketer, you know the industry changes so quickly. You always get something new to learn. If you want to know the most important marketing skills to succeed, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will show you 11 of the most important marketing skills.

Social Media marketing

Social media has changed the way people interact with brands online. It is transformed in the way people communicate with their target audience. Marketers use social media to accomplish several goals, from brand building to lead generation and revenue growth. Social media is evolving faster than brands. That is why if you have solid social media marketing skills, then you can be at a lot of ease.

Paid advertising

Organic marketing is extremely effective, but at times, you will need some paid muscle to give your brand an extra push. If it is executed well, then paid ads can improve the reputation of your brand as they will gain you a large audience in a short time.

As a marketer, you should master the art of paid ads to help your brand increase its reach and rank higher.

Creative skills

The skills that you read so far were strategic but did not prioritize creativity. Consider the meetings at which CEOs and business owners believe any advertising thought is insecure. As the most effective modern marketers are incredibly creative. It is a must-have for almost any affiliate, boosting an app.


Writing is like the soul of content and advertising. Without good writing skills, your communication will be much weaker and unconvincing. When it comes to writing copy, there is a lot of work that needs to be done before writing your words. That work involves understanding who you are writing for, where it will be published, what is action you want people to take after reading it, and so on.

Creative direction

Creativity is the ability to recognize unseen connections between related or unrelated concepts. It is crucial for advertising goods and services more memorably and efficiently. Creativity is not just about writing, graphics, and content, but it is also about the experience. The experience will help you make your target audience feel valued and delighted.

Creative thinking in marketing involves taking risks and does involve trashing hundreds of ideas before the one good one is found. Bold creative direction can take your brand to a whole new level.

Video content

Video marketing is the top choice for marketers, and second only to social media marketing among SMB owners. Video creation and promotion can be daunting. You may think that you need a ton of scripts, and storyboards, to do video right, and in some cases that is even true.

Yet, in a world where one in four customers lose interest in companies that don’t use video, and nine out of 10 customers watch at least one online video per week (likely many more than that), now is not the time to shy away from video creation and promotion. It’s time to embrace it. You do not need to start with high-caliber and expensive production equipment.

Video marketing is more than just recording and uploading. Video marketing begins and ends with strategy just like with other aspects of marketing.


As a marketer, you should be creating content that appeals to the emotional side of your readers. As we know, people do not buy logic, they buy emotions. Your product might kill 99.5% of the bacteria, but what sells it is the fact that it keeps your family safe from germs. 

Every marketer should focus on building brand visibility through storytelling. As the consumer grows more intelligent, smart, and effective stories are what will sell to different audiences, mindsets, and emotions. Once you learn to tell a good story, then your audience is always going to be wanting more, which will turn your readers into leads, your leads into customers, and your customers into loyal customers. 


Brands must find ways to tell absorbing new stories as they look to reach today’s super-empowered consumer. Design thinking is a methodology to drive innovation. It brings together what is alluring to future customers with what is technically feasible and viable for a business.

Design thinking is a multi-step method to understand your customer’s needs better, which creates innovative solutions for them and iterates quickly to get it just right.

Digital analytics

There is a massive shortage of marketers that are skilled in the art of data analysis. In digital marketing, every visitor, view, click, and share is tracked. There is so much data that small business owners get a mountain of it to review each month. An important part of this involves attribution. 

After you have gleaned all those insights from the analytics, you need to be able to tell the story of your impact in a way that is virtually interesting.

Marketers need to know how to take the data that they have gathered and turn it into a story that explains what happened and why it happened.

Digital project management

Project management is the ability to keep everyone moving in the same direction, hitting deadlines, communicating internally and externally.

As a modern marketer, you should polish your digital project management skills to ensure a smooth transition from the briefing process, all the way to the execution, and beyond.

Proficient marketers and project management are more productive, which helps them to be more creative and learn new concepts.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for small businesses to more effectively market on multiple channels online and automate repetitive tasks. With the right marketing automation tools, you can easily create behavioral email marketing strategies, auto-update documents containing useful campaign data for easy reference, and do so much more. 

By automation marketing activities, you can increase operational efficiency, thereby freeing up more time for strategic and creative tasks that directly impact your brand.

We hope this article helped you in knowing about the most important marketing skills to succeed. We gave a detailed explanation of every single topic, if you still have any queries, then you can ask us in the comment section. We would love to help you.

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